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If you are looking for the Torrent Auto Uploader...

UPDATE 2020 Join the unofficial Torrent Auto Uploader Discord channel!! https://discord.gg/fBuuAYA



Torrent Auto Uploader V4

Teak a break and let the Auto Uploader work for you!UPDATE 2020 Join the unofficial Torrent Auto Uploader Discord channel!! https://discord.gg/fBuuAYA

The Torrent Auto Uploader automatically downloads the releases you want from your fav source trackers, creates a new torrent, uploads it automatically to the correct category on your upload tracker with full description and nfo etc. It can also add screenshots, download from FTP servers, filter by name, category, keywords in nfo or description and for your convenience comes with a plugin for Firefox that allows you to rightclick any torrent and automatically upload it to your own tracker.

If you are tired of making manual uploads and copy and paste all day and night, this is a lifesaver. Forget scanning trackers for new releases and racing torrents. The Torrent Auto Uploader can be fully automated to do everything for you. You get a web panel and access to a special announce server that has feeds from all the trackers so that you can configure your filters to download the releases you want. Everything comes with full support and instructions. You will get access to the Wiki and Forum and a special bugtracker maintained by Janhouse, the creator of the script.

Time to take a break, let the uploader work..

You will get full access to updates and bugfixes and can update your Uploader easily yourself with a single short command. The script is constantly updated, sometimes daily or weekly, by several developers working to improve the script and create new cool functions that the users have requested.

In short words, if you are a busy uploader or a tracker owner, you will love this script! We provide you with the proper server and knowledge to make sure that your uploader will be up and running quickly and smoothly, and provide you with full support 24/7/365. What are you waiting for?

We also create down and upload functions, create FTP download and install the thumbnailer mod, and do custom coding in general for the torrent auto uploader. See the Services menu at the top for functions and mods we can install for you or contact us for custom coding.