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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the Auto Uploader work?

A: By downloading torrents from a selected tracker of your choice, and then uploading them to your own tracker without your interaction needed. You have two options, semi automatic or fully automatic. The first works with a plugin for Firefox. After install you can right-click any torrent on your selected download trackers and choose where to upload it from the menu. The second option is a filter where you can put in keywords and filter categories and enjoy a completely fully automatic download and upload to your tracker. The torrents are downloaded to a first rtorrent and then created and set to seeding from a second rtorrent. These can work from completely different IP addresses. The torrents are later deleted from each rtorrent individually either on your request or by automatically reaching the ratio you have set them to.

Q: Can I upload and download from different Ip addresses?

A: Yes, we configure the server to use different IP's for up and down rtorrent if the server comes with more then 1 IP.

Q: How long does it take to setup before I can use it?

A: Installing and setting up the server OS plus installing the Auto Uploader script is usually made in 24 hours. Creating and configuring plus testing the down and upload functions can take a little longer depending on many different factors. We already have working functions for most of the larger and most popular trackers so the less known your trackers are the longer it can take as completely new functions probably needs to be created. If you are using trackers that we already have functions for the process is very fast!

NOTE: We get a LOT of orders lately and the waiting time for the functions etc to be fully made can be from a week to 21 days.

Q: Do you update the Auto Uploader script sometimes?

A: Yes we do constantly. It is a project in full progress and we release new revisions when we make improvements to the script. As a Dentoo client you will get SVN access and can update your uploader to latest revision anytime needed.

Q: Can I expect support for my Auto Uploader script and server?

A: Yes you will receive the best support possible by getting access directly to the creator and developers bugtracker with full access to Wiki and Forum as well as SVN and other nice features. Dentoo will take care of your server support and has extensive knowledge and experience with the Auto Uploader script, so all in all you will have two excellent support channels and possibility to discuss updates and issues with other Auto Uploader script owners.

Q: Do you fix my server if I break it?

A: As long as you remember to always make backups of configuration files before making changes we can always fix the server. In worst case by reinstalling it. We do encourage our clients to always be careful when making changes.

Q: Is the server also a seedbox?

A: Yes it is a fully automated seedbox.

Q: How much is 20 TB traffic really and is it enough?

A: It is a lot more then it first seems. Very few people upload more then 20 TB in 30 days. Unless you previously know already that you usually pass 20 TB / month you normally do not have to worry about the traffic limit at all. Only very large trackers using the Auto Uploader needs more, but its rare. But that said, we have packages available with up to 100 TB traffic / month and we can also provide unmetered and packages with much more traffic on demand if you should need it.

Q: Can I buy extra traffic if I should pass my limit?

A: Yes you can get additional bandwidth anytime. An extra 5 TB is 10 € one time fee.

Q: How many download and upload trackers can I add?

A: Included in setup is 1 down and 1 upload tracker of your choice. You can add more trackers for free, as many as you like, by creating new functions.
You can also order more trackers from us for a small one time fee. In this case we will create the function for you and make sure it works.

Q: How can I pay you?

A: We use PayPal and Skrill, they accept all credit cards and payment options.

Q: Where are your servers located?

A: Our servers are located in France and Netherlands. We also have servers in other countries on special requests. Contact support for more info.

Q: Why is there a setup fee for monthly payments?

A: Setting up and configuring the Auto Uploader is a quite complicated task and can take several hours. The same goes for creating new download and upload functions. Each tracker is unique in its code as most have custom changes. It takes experienced coders time to create each new function. In order to secure that we are not working for just one months profit we encourage our clients to get a quarterly or semin-annual payment plan by offering the install for a reduced price on those.

Q: Who makes the Auto Uploader script?

A: The creator and head developer is Janhouse. Several other users and developers have made custom modifications but the main development is made by Janhouse. Dentoo is a contributing part of the Auto Uploader project.

Q: Can I get only the script and install it myself on my server?

A: Yes you can. Janhouse, the creator of the script sells it for around 90 € (subject to change) and we are also providing this service for him. Click here for more info.

Q: I already have a server, can you install the script for me?

A: Yes it is possible, we charge 80 € for the script and install is included. You get complete full access to the script. Click here for more info.

Q: Can I run other things on my server apart from the Auto Uploader?

A: Yes, you get full root access and can install whatever you want on your server. If you install other scripts we can not guarantee you the same support on those script as on the uploader.

Q: Can I add a folder for FTP so that by adding something it gets autouploaded and created, downloading from a dump for example?

A: Yes this is possible. For a small fee will will create this function for you. Click here for more info.

Q: Can the Uploader do automatic screenshots from the video files it downloads/uploads?

A: Yes it can! For a small fee we can add this function for you. Click here for more info.

Q: Can I get a custom server from you/do you have other servers then what you display?

A: Yes we do, we have a wide range of servers http://dedicated.dentoo.info Contact us for extreme or special demands, we have what you need!